Supply Change Capital

Investing in the future of food.



We are focused on the two
forces radically transforming
the food economy:

Climate and Culture.


of what we eat comes from just
12 crops and 5 animal species.

It is driving the environmental
and health crisis on our planet.

Nowhere are the impacts being felt deeper than
our global food system – from how we grow to
what we eat. The early signs of the shift are clear:

We invest at the intersection of food,
culture, and technology – catalyzing
early stage sustainable businesses
modernizing the food system.

Culture is a key gateway to a more sustainable
and healthy food system. Investing with a lens for
culture will unlock access to a more resilient food
system. Investing with a culture & climate lens
means investing in founders who bring a diverse
set of technologies, crops and flavors to our
plates that facilitate and accelerate the
development of diverse and sustainable solutions
from farm to fork.

We’re at an exciting but crucial point in this fast
moving transformation. One where the highly
industrialized and highly processed food systems
of the past 100 years are clashing with new ideas,
perspectives, innovations, and technologies to
create the polyculture future.

Our team is catalyzing systemic impact and
change in the venture ecosystem across the full
capital stack – from diverse LPs, to diverse GPs, to
the founders we invest in and the businesses that
they build.

Supply Change Capital’s mission is to
invest in this changing future of food.

Our food system
is falling short.

We depend on just 12 crops and five livestock species for nearly three-quarters of our diet. In the US, the human and environmental health costs linked to our consolidated food system exceed $1.5 trillion annually.

For Supply Change Capital,
these systemic failures are an opportunity

There are two forces radically transforming our food system:

Investing with a culture lens is a primary unlock to a food system that better meets the needs, health, and desires of our diverse society and planet.


Investing with a climate lens means focusing on technologies that provide environmental outcomes – for example, lower greenhouse gas emissions and net positive impacts on our soil, waterways, and biodiversity.
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of Change.
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